patricia e. ortman|Mar 6, 2021
Beautiful, Jen, just beautiful. I'm so sorry for your loss. I was shocked to learn of your father's passing only minutes ago when your Mom sent an email to Ch/Art members. I didn't know him well, but he seemed very supportive of your Mom, for which I respected him greatly, and he was always very personable on the brief occasions we met. He always seemed to have a bit of a mischievous sparkle in his eyes so I suspected he was probably quite a funny fellow as well. I'm glad you all have such great memories of a very good Dad. We share the great privilege of having had one. So many are so lacking. Love to you and your whole family. I will be stopping by to see your Mom, socially distanced and masked, tho I am also now fully vaccinated so it will be a very safe visit, on the front porch. Virtual hugs. P.
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Kay and Tom Huggard|Feb 25, 2021
Beautiful tribute, Jen. Thank you!!
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Scott Cartland|Feb 24, 2021
Great tribute sister although I will choose to not wash my hair with just soap.
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Stephanie Williams|Feb 22, 2021 (edited)
Jen, so well said. Your father (my uncle) was a man of integrity, had a great sense of humor, decency, logic, and knew how to love. Besides our grandparents, John and your Mom demonstrated what love between two people is to me; being each other’s best friend, thoughtful, kind, sticking to promises, and having integrity. He was proud of his children, grandkids, and this country. I will miss him, the bits of historical wisdom, his infectious smile, the tailgating, and laughter. I have no doubt though that he is enjoying either a great game of golf, bbq at the grill or teaching someone how to, or enjoying a pontoon boat ride in a wonderful place in Heaven right now.
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Chris Lindsley|Feb 22, 2021
Thanks Jen. Your dad was a special guy, and he was so much fun to be around. WWPPD indeed.
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Joann Stevens|Feb 22, 2021
Beautiful tribute Jen. Thanks for sharing.
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Larisa Viozzi|Feb 22, 2021
What a beautiful tribute Jen, it paints such a vivid picture I now feel I know him. And I see him in you, as I know you embody all of the above as well. Warm hugs...
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Virginia Carson|Feb 22, 2021
So well written, Jen, and very true to the man I knew. The ones we love are never wholly gone, but it sure feels like that often. Keep writing, it helps
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Roberta Martin|Feb 22, 2021
Beautiful capture of a life well lived and shared with those around him. He gave love and received love and the world is a better place because of it!
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Michelle Weinstein|Feb 22, 2021
Beautifully spoken Jen. I will say having only met Pop for a moment, all his best attributes he surely passed on to you. How blessed you were to have such a loving & fun parent & role model in him. And how lucky all of us are that know you- that we get to see those attributes continue on in what makes you who you are. I heard once a saying that sticks with me during these times; “it’s impossible to forget someone who gave us so much to remember”. Seems certainly applicable to Pop...
I love you & am so grateful to have you in my life & grateful for him to have given this world such an amazing woman for us to connect with.
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