Thoughts & Well Wishes

edwawrd hayes | Jan 24, 2021
We will always treasure the memories of John and the times we spent with Pop Pop, Grand B, and all of the kids and family friends. May God bless and comfort all of you. If there is a 2021 Super Bowl Pool in John's honor, sign us up!  - Alice and Edward Hayes
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Barbara Sargent Johnson | Jan 23, 2021
I have been thinking about you all ever since I read Dave's post on Face book. Recently, when Beth was hacked Dave and I shared a few messages. I dropped John a quick note about the hacker and I must frame his response.  "We do not know this Cartland and just ignore him, if you can!" Thanks Dave for keeping me in the family loop.  I am remembering all the times we were together: at the Yorks, at your home in 1979 with Mary and JB and their trip to the Zoo under the guidance of Amy! Enjoying the Air Force Band concert. Our visit to Ok.  You came when Stan died in 1984. In 1988 Ad and I enjoyed your hospitality over the 4th.  You took us to the lawn at the Pentagon to watch the fireworks and enjoy dessert prepared by Beth.  The signs said no trespassing so the entire time I feared we would be arrested! Thanks for the great memories and there are more. 
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