Well Wish

By Heidi Maloni — Jan 27, 2021
The Maloni's and the Cartland's were neighbors on Chevy Chase Parkway.  A few door down. Our kids played together. Scott and our guys were in scouts together.  Jen was the neighborhood cute baby. Amy, the big sister and sometimes babysitter.

I remember John- sometimes he was home.  Sometimes he was away...deployed, at the War College or other.  I remember John- tall, always grinning, formidable in uniform, good, kind, comfortable.  John was ever calm, even, sure, happy.  I loved Beth's tribute relaying his priorities...God, family, friends, golf....  How uplifting for us to hear in these tuff times.  Thanks John.  Your living was an example.  Your grin, I will always remember.

Heidi, Bill, Jason, Scott, Billy, Cam and a sundry dogs and cats Maloni
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