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What's Next

Yesterday, Joey had his colonoscopy. This was the last diagnostic step to determine what his ostomy reversal surgery will look like. 

And good news: the colonoscopy went great His last colonoscopy caused him a lot of pain, but he recovered from this one much easier--probably because they gave him extra drugs. He was a bit sloppy for the rest of the afternoon, but I'll take that ANYDAY over pain. 

There were no surprises, and the surgeon said we are good to move forward with surgery. 

So, surgery is set for September 11th here in Nashville. Joey will be the surgeon's only case that day since it will be more complicated than your average ostomy reversal surgery. There's also a strong chance I won't be able to be with him in the hospital as he recovers because of COVID. 

Thank you for continuing to follow along with our story. Our hope is that we can effectively do this surgery, let Joey recover, ride out the rest of this year while we wait for a COVID vaccine, and then emerge in 2021 with all our medical dramas in the rearview.

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