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Site created on January 14, 2019

Joey's medical woes started in 2016 when a tiny gallstone caused "the worst case of pancreatitis doctors have ever seen." Since then, he's had countless major surgeries, hospital stays, and scares as multiple doctors at multiple institutions around the country have tried to get him back to functional. 

Here is a :60 second version of a very long story: 

And a longer podcast we did in 2022:

Newest Update

Journal entry by Bekah Eaker

Hey, we’re home!


Rumors started this morning that Joey would be getting his PICC line today. We were skeptical, especially as the day dragged on.


But at 7 at night, the team came by and placed it. After some last meds and vitals, we were sent packing.


There are 6 hospitals in the Nashville area that Joey has spent time in. We choose which one to go to based on an equation that factors in circumstances, time of day, medical history at that particular hospital, and the level of expertise needed to treat his current state.


If you’re asking why we don’t just always go to Vanderbilt (where all his doctors are), you’ve clearly never spent days in the purgatory that is the Vandy ER.


ANYWAY. We chose a smaller hospital this round that has treated his infections before, and I’m THRILLED with how quickly he got the treatments he needed as well as the care and attention he was given when it came to his pain.


I’m also thrilled to have Joey home for the long weekend. He’ll do home antibiotics for the next couple weeks to make sure the infection is taken care of. I don’t expect any future updates on this particular episode (no news is good news), but thanks for following along!

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