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Journal entry by JoEllen Kyllo

Well, not much going on lately. They have been giving me transfusions of red blood cells and platelets everyday for a week and a half. My count for RBCs was ok today, so they didn’t give me any, so I can feel it. I’m trying to stay in bed as much as I can tonight. They are just trying to not give me so many fluids. So, I thought I would update. 

Tomorrow is day 21 since I started chemo. It’s supposed to be the day when numbers start going up and things start growing back. I’m really ready. One week from today I get my bone marrow biopsy. I’m excited, worried and scared all rolled up into one. In one week I have a chance of being in remission. It’s super complicated how they read it. There might be some bad cells that come back. It’s all about the percentage of how many, etc. I’m going to grow the cells back and then in two weeks kill them all again. It’s to kill all the bad cells that might be hiding, or if any grow back. It also makes the good cells stronger. 

Its to weird that I have to do this all over again. It will be easier this time. I won’t get the monster period that lasts for two weeks( they gave me the depo shot) and I won’t have oxygen. I also won’t have to do the push chemo for the first three day. Just the continuous chemo for 7 days and the same 2 week recovery. They still have not ruled out a transplant, although I haven’t heard it brought up for a while. I guess we will see when I get the results. 

Im not sure if they will give me the results before I leave or if they will wait till later. I have an appointment with the doctor the Monday before I go back in. I’m going to take it easy, but I want everyday at home count. Lots of walks and loving on Pearl and spend some time with my parents and other folks. 

Im trying not to be impatient and just be grateful for the good results I got so far. 

Im looking forward to the weekend. I hope to not have to wear my 😷 mask by then and my sister and I can go to the Olive Garden and actually eat at the restaurant! 
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