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We would like to ask you to join us in a 9 day novena to Saint Padre Pio for his intercession to our Lord for Joe.  After 3 months in the hospital we are asking for your prayers to be directed asking for Joe to be able to pass his swallow test so that he can eat and drink again, for Joe to gain strength , for healing of the large pressure sore on his bottom and for the control of the extreme pain he is in.  Thank you and God Bless.
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Journal entry by stacy strong

We had a very good meeting with dads care team today. Joe will be getting a peg tube on Monday , they took the wound vac off and will be changing the dressing 2 times a day. Dad is in very good spirits and enjoys a good conversation when he is awake. He has yet to pass his swallow test and works daily with speech therapy to strengthen his muscles. Thank you for your continued prayers for dad. 

Journal entry by stacy strong

It is hard to keep up with the updates as we have good days and we have bad days.  We embrace and thank God for the good days and we pray and work through the bad days.  He has been busy with speech, OT and PT and it wears him out.  He  enjoys company but we can never guarantee he will be awake.  He still is dealing  with confusion and pain from the wound on his back.  Again we can never thank you enough for all your prayers and support. 

Journal entry by stacy strong

We wanted to take a quick opportunity to thank everyone who was involved in Joe’s benefit on Saturday. The outpouring of support has been amazing and inspiring throughout this entire process, but to see it live and in person was wonderful. 


A specific thank you to everyone who those who played a role in organizing, planning and pulling off this event. Thank you to those who attended, donated, contributed or in any other way was involved in making this a great success.  


We can tell you that seeing that room full of people, albeit from his bed at the hospital, had a tremendous uplifting effect on Joe. He commented the next day that he was pretty sure the entire town was there! We’ve known throughout that one of the most important factors in Joe’s recovery will be keeping him upbeat and positive. Seeing that room full of people there in his support is helping with just that.

Joe will be having another debridement surgery tomorrow. They were able to remove the stables from his amputation site this afternoon. He did not pass his swallow test so they are going to start speech therapy to help strengthen his throat muscles. 


Journal entry by stacy strong

Joe had his 3rd surgery today for debridement.  The surgeon's placed an irrigation wound vac and will go back to surgery in about 3 days to look at the wound again.  He is still in CCU floor 9 but hoping to get moved back to PCU floor 6 soon.  He is in good spirits and is less confused everyday.  Again, thank you all for you continued prayers and support. 

Tuesday, January 14th at midnight is the last day to purchase shirts for Team Joe.  Please follow the link to purchase! They will be ready to pick up at the benefit or can be shipped.

Journal entry by stacy strong

Dad was admitted back in the CICU on floor 9 early this morning after struggling to breath and was placed back on the ventilator. The doctors pushed back his surgery to this afternoon where they had to do a debridement to remove the dead tissue. They were able to do it bedside but found it was deeper then they thought so he will be going to the OR tomorrow morning to do another debridement.   Again , we thank God for each new day and for all your prayers and support. 

Journal entry by stacy strong

Dad was moved out of CCICU yesterday afternoon and moved to PCU. One step closer to a regular floor.  He gets worn out very easily from working so hard during the day with physical and occupational therapy. Which they say he is doing a great job at. Mom did get a call this morning that dad will be having the first of many surgeries to start removing the dead tissue off his back due to pressure sores tomorrow morning.  If you would like to visit Joe please call or text Dorothy first to make sure he is able to have visitors 515-238-2788. 

Also, just a reminder about dad’s benefit that is next weekend Saturday, January 18th. We hope to see many of you there so we can thank you in person for all your continued prayers. Please follow the link below if you would like to purchase a t-shirt. They can be shipped or picked up the night of the benefit.


Journal entry by stacy strong

The doctors were able to find the bleed on a Friday, his hemoglobin numbers have gone up since the procedure and he has not needed anymore units of blood so the doctors are saying it has been fixed!  They have changed his feeding to help with his sodium levels and they are back in the normal range. He still has on and off confusion caused by ICU delirium.   Dad has started physical and occupational therapy during the day and is doing a great job with those.

Mom is back to work full time and dads days get long.  He would love to have visitors, just please send mom a text if you are planning on going up. (515-238-2788) Thank you again for all the continued support and prayers. 

Journal entry by stacy strong

First some good news!  Joe's test came back for Cdiff and blood septum and both were negative!!  His sodium level is still very elevated so that is causing a lot of confusion. They are changing his tube feeding to a different one with less sodium to see if that helps.  His kidney function has improved greatly and is almost back to normal functioning.  His hemoglobin is still low and he is still getting units of blood so they know he is still having internal bleeding. This afternoon they will be doing a endoscopy to see if they can locate and fix the internal bleed.  If they are not able to do that they will be taking him in to surgery.  Please pray they are able to do it with the scope!

Journal entry by stacy strong

On the morning of November 7th Joe began experiencing pain in his shoulder. Realizing this pain could be a sign of something larger, he drove himself to the Indianola Fire Station. Through the grace of God there were EMTs on site who immediately recognized that Joe was in the midst of a heart attack and took swift measures to get him to the hospital.

Upon arrival at the hospital Joe was immediately rushed to surgery to remedy what the doctors described as a massive heart attack. Stints were put in the right side of his heart to remove blockages, while blockages on the left side will be operated on at a later date.

Joe will continue to rest tonight while under sedation and while breathing with the assistance of a ventilator. An attempt will likely be made to remove the ventilator tomorrow if doctors feel his body can handle breathing on its own.

Joe’s family appreciates the outpouring of prayers and support. They have all been heard and felt. From the EMTs who acted quickly to the staff at Mercy, he has been very well cared for.

We will continue to provide updates as they arise. Thank you again for the love, prayers and support.
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