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Journal entry by lori Wagner

Hello everyone, I did not get a chance to talk to hospice today but she informed me she will call me in morning. If anything as far as major changes go I will update you as always promised. I did see Joe this past weekend (updated picture above) and attempted to get him out of house awhile checking out parks in the area. We were on our way to a 3rd park when his oxygen tank started beeping at me. Long story short I popped a fuse I believe in my Jeep so it was a short 45 minute cruise unfortunately. Joe’s oxygen level was good and luckily was on oxygen 10 minutes after having a cigarette at park which I am grateful for. I have the mechanism to check oxygen levels and thankfully we were only 10 minutes away.

He was very good about it all and really appreciated me trying and said that the thought was what mattered to him. Very happy he understood this at the time but now I will have to get my fuse fixed and have extras as I cannot be chancing that again. Puts you in freak out mode to be honest!! Today speaking to Joe he was wheezing pretty bad so I made the call short and told him to get it done and we could talk later. He sounded by far the worst ever. 
Joe has definitely declined in this area but hospice feels that is the only area he has declined in and I would agree with that. He is still full of it yet joking around and still is alert on things. Still eating and drinking good too. So as we keep moving forward this will obviously keep getting worse as you all know but how fast is the question. I have seen the pattern of every 2 months he declines and he stays pretty close to that if not 2 1/2 months. 

He is a little weaker in past couple weeks I have noticed as I thought it might have been just a tired day for him at first seeing this but I noticed it a couple more times so  we are getting a little weaker. I would not say a huge difference but definitely a small difference for sure. I plan to see him again this weekend as long as my body lets me. It’s been extremely tough lately on walking and pushing the gas pedal just to drive and been missing out on work and back to a bunch of dr’s again. I have been trying to rest  as much as possible but the crazy busy life I have right now it’s hard to even rest. So much to be done so again bare with me please in all ways. I’m trying my best and that’s all I can do with everything going on. 

Well hopefully I did not forget anything but I think right now it’s just keeping a close eye on Joe as this is up in the unknown area with COPD getting worse. Till next time have a good evening.
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