Joanne’s Story

Site created on March 20, 2018

Joanne suffered a stroke on Sunday, March 18, 2018.  The first day she was aware of her surroundings and responding to requests with a yes or no.  The second day she was having issues with restless leg and they couldn't give her the medication as she couldn't swallow.   She kicked so hard that she kicked the side rails and broke 3 toes.  She was not awake much or aware.  they finally got a feeding tube in and gave her the meds. Monday night.  Her right leg is moving, but her arm is not.  Day 3 she is having a carotid artery test.   Still sleeping lots and not aware.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Jim & Jean Smagacz

Joanne passed away peacefully at 5:15 pm today surounded by her family .  All day it was cloudy and as she passed the sun shone in on her.    Services will be tues with visitation Monday eve. 
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