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Jun 13-19

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It’s truly amazing, six days following Open-Heart surgery, mom was discharged from Methodist Hospital mid-afternoon Friday, May 29th, 2020.  We are all so happy she’s home. 

We are counting all of our blessings during this time!!  She is relieved to be home and resting in her own bed.  Now it’s time for her to rest, recover and heal.  It’s part of the deal, you don’t get much rest while in the hospital recovering.  Marissa gave Grandma/Mom a manicure yesterday evening.  Tracy and I have been hovering like a helicopter parent! 💁‍♀️ we are also practicing our massage skills as her back and shoulders are causing her some agony as well.   

For awhile, managing her discomfort, walking/moving 40 minutes a day minimum, resting, elevating, getting fresh air, logging medication, increasing her appetite, coughing to relieve excess in lungs, practicing new breathing techniques, cardiac rehab therapy and in general stopping to literally smell the roses, are all items on the agenda!!! 

In general, Mom realizes all of the miracles that just happened to get her to today, right now! We all do!!!  Thank you again for all of the love and support! 

We have been brainstorming of a way for Mom to say hello to all of her supporters.  We are still trying to decide if a drive-by parade would be possible tomorrow afternoon.  Based on the weather forecast for today and mostly, mom needing to rest, tomorrow would be the earliest that we could foresee doing this for her. We will keep you posted later today. We will see how today goes and post again by this evening, 7pm!

💜Lori, Tracy and the rest of the Grothe/Steele clan~

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