Marcia Sabata|Jun 2, 2020
So glad you are home. It sounds like you have lots of good helpers. Hugs and prayers.
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Al and Pat Hoshor|May 31, 2020
Glad to hear you are home, Joanie! Please take good care of yourself , we know you will. You are one strong lady. We will continue to send prayers your way for fast healing.
Al and Pat
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Lynne Steele|May 30, 2020
I know you are being a perfect patient at home for the kids. Bask in being waited upon and having others Do For You! Let them “drive Miss Daisy” if you need to go somewhere. When will you start Cardiac Rehab. The group at Methodist is excellent and you will enjoy it. I remember hiw I actually looked forward to doing Rehab!
Take care and be a good patient at home!!
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Linda Butkus|May 30, 2020
Hi Joanie,
Welcome home! Behave yourself now and you will be running around with the rest of us soon. Mind the kids! My thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy return to health!

Linda Butkus
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Cheryl Holmberg|May 30, 2020
Joanie, so glad you are home. You are always so giving, take it easy and enjoy the attention., you deserve it. You will be out golfing soon. Take Care, Cheryl
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