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May 30, 2020

It’s truly amazing, six days following Open-Heart surgery, mom was discharged from Methodist Hospital mid-afternoon Friday, May 29th, 2020.  We are all so happy she’s home. 

We are counting all of our blessings during this time!!  She is relieved to be home and resting in her own bed.  Now it’s time for her to rest, recover and heal.  It’s part of the deal, you don’t get much rest while in the hospital recovering.  Marissa gave Grandma/Mom a manicure yesterday evening.  Tracy and I have been hovering like a helicopter parent! 💁‍♀️ we are also practicing our massage skills as her back and shoulders are causing her some agony as well.   

For awhile, managing her discomfort, walking/moving 40 minutes a day minimum, resting, elevating, getting fresh air, logging medication, increasing her appetite, coughing to relieve excess in lungs, practicing new breathing techniques, cardiac rehab therapy and in general stopping to literally smell the roses, are all items on the agenda!!! 

In general, Mom realizes all of the miracles that just happened to get her to today, right now! We all do!!!  Thank you again for all of the love and support! 

We have been brainstorming of a way for Mom to say hello to all of her supporters.  We are still trying to decide if a drive-by parade would be possible tomorrow afternoon.  Based on the weather forecast for today and mostly, mom needing to rest, tomorrow would be the earliest that we could foresee doing this for her. We will keep you posted later today. We will see how today goes and post again by this evening, 7pm!

💜Lori, Tracy and the rest of the Grothe/Steele clan~

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May 27, 2020

Tuesday was the most difficult day with pain and trying to find the right medication combination to stay ahead of it.   She did feel up to a zoom meeting Tuesday night though. Lori and I are thrilled when we get to see her face and can gage how she is doing. She has been in good spirits and was thankful that she had a hair cut on Monday, May 18th(thanks so much, Dee).  She has been up and walking 4 times a day and started with chicken noodle soup last night. Nothing tastes too good yet with all the meds. She did also try mashed potatoes, turkey & gravy but said the turkey was a thin slice of deli meat-ick.  She decided to pass on that and would wait for the good stuff! Lol! So she’s mainly been eating ensure protein drinks so far.  Breathing and walking has proven to be more difficult when the pain kicks up and she’s trying to walk while wearing a mask outside of her room. 

Wednesday morning, CardioThoracic Surgeon, Kingston, AKA “McDreamy”(Ask mom about that- Lol!) was able to visit with all of us over speaker phone.   We all kinda think he’s amazing!!!  He said mom is doing great and will stay in the hospital until her pain is tolerable.    We are confident every day she will get better and better. We estimate her discharge to be Friday mid-afternoon.  It all depends on how she’s feeling though. We aren’t going to push it. 

Thank you to all the wonderful and hard working Nurses and Medical staff at Methodist Hospital. We are so grateful for their attentiveness and virtual communication with us these past few days.  It really has made all the difference once we we were able to talk to her and see each other’s faces!  

We  appreciate all of your well wishes and support.   

Tracy, Lori, Michael and family 


May 25, 2020

Friends and family, 

Mom has had quite the past few days. We knew that she was a strong amazing lady but now we have the proof! Her surgeon called her a Rock Star and the nurses have told us she’s the Picture of health. After surgery & a bit of rest on Saturday evening, Tracy, cousin Rick, wife Renee, Michael and I were able to hear mom’s voice. It was short & sweet as she told us, “I’m fine, let me be!” We were all relieved to have any communication from her. Saturday night went well. Of course, lots of anxiety and little sleep on our end.

Sunday proved to be a little rough. Managing her pain and monitoring her progress was the focus. Communication was slim as mom wasn’t feeling well enough to talk to us or do a Zoom call. Tracy and I were hopeful that her body just needed the rest considering what she had just been through. We were trusting in the process and hopeful that tomorrow would be a better day. We knew that each day would have its challenges but we were certain that each day she would get stronger. 

Today, May25th, nurse Michelle called before 7am and was so excited to share Mom’s amazing progress. Overnight, mom had managed to gain some strength. Her pain was being managed, she was able to get up, stretch and move, and she walked further than expected. Her Blood pressure was holding steady and she was really showing great energy. Later in the morning mom called us and we were able to FaceTime. The hospital staff set Mom up to Zoom with Tracy & I and Rick & Renee Bohaty as well. We were all so very happy to see her face and hear her voice. We definitely were relieved afterwards. She looked so good, considering! It’s funny, the first thing she asked us was, “how are you guys doing?” And then said, “I can’t believe what I just went through,”  Mom hit the nail on the head. Truly, we are grateful but we are all definitely still processing what has occurred the past few days!

Mom’s nurse called this evening. Mom wanted us to know that she completed 4 laps around the nurses station. Wow, what a difference a day makes! This woman is amazing! 

Mom, Tracy and I are so thankful for all the calls, texts and emails. We appreciate all of our prayer warriors and the well wishes. We will be posting updates more frequently. 

We are letting those who’ve asked know that flowers aren’t allowed in the hospital. Cards, letters, notes, and emails are appreciated. Also, Mom loves her plants so something for the outside at home would work as well. 

Again, thank you for all of the love and support. Mom will look forward to catching up with you all soon!