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October 17, 2019

Good Morning Prayer Warriors / Friends, 
Sorry for the delay in updates. I have now been home for over a month now. I was released from Physical Therapy and weekly visits to Clinic yesterday. I only have one Clinic visit per month from this point forward.  Great news is my lungs last Wed were tested at 83% capacity. Pretty cool stuff to be able to breathe without oxygen and get a full breath of air without coughing. A huge Thank You to folks in our Life Connection Class (Acts Class) and friends for providing dinner to us. All the meals have been great. I was able to attend Church for the first time since before the transplant. It was great to get to be back home. 

God continues to remind me and teach me through the process; to trust his timing, his direction, even when I feel like I can handle it on my own. That is the most important thing to do. I cannot only depend on Him when I am desperate, I must have full dependence on Him at all times. In the lows of the Valley or Highs of a Mountain Top, He is in control and I am to rely on Him and His direction over my life. My prayer today is less of me and more of Him in my every moment.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and thoughts for my recovery. Know I will ever be Grateful for you. 

I Love You All, 

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September 6, 2019

Good Morning Everyone,
So I have had a little setback and find myself back in the Hospital. The Ceroma on my groin caused from the Echmo machine during transplant continued to swell. Yesterday afternoon I had a procedure to close it off with muscle from just below out of my leg. So that my Brothers can continue having fun at my expense, Yes-that is considered plastic surgery on my groin!😂
God continues to teach me to embrace the walk, taking each day at a time. Seems as though when I look to far ahead or down the road I am reminded that today is where we are to live and be present. God calls us to walk with him, not run ahead. Sometimes I wish I were quicker in the uptake. 
Please pray specifically for:
Healing and Pain control after yesterday’s
Strength and Patience for Deborah
        dealing with the sometimes not so good
        side of me. 
Donors family. Say a word of Thanks
        today for the blessings in your life.           
I love you all! Thank you for continued prayers.


August 30, 2019

Good Morning All, 
I am now home and doing Great. I slept for a total of 12 hours last night. cant tell you the last time I did that. I wont get a preach on today, but what I will do is ask, How Good is our God? 60 days ago I had no insurance. 30 days ago I had my first appointment with Transplant team 30 days ago and now i am home after having a double lung transplant. If you cannot see Gods hand and provision all over that then please tell me, because i have more to share. thank you again all for your continued support and prayer throughout this process.
Pray Specific for:
1. Comfort for family and friends of Marsha whom has worked with Deborah for over 25 years. Her battle against pulmonary fibrosis is over. She can now breathe freely in Gods presence. 
2. Continued Healing.
3. I have started the process of formerly trying to tell my story. Pray I would have clear direction on how best to tell the story in different settings. 
4. Continued comfort and peace for my donors family. 

I Love you All, 


August 28, 2019

Good Evening All,

Just a follow up to where I am and what is going on. I had a procedure to drain a cavity of fluid on hip that was causing my legs to swell. It is a typical complication for a Lung Transplant when they put you on an Echmo machine. Thoracic Surgeons took care of it and I will be going home tomorrow. I can’t tell you how much your prayers, texts, visits, and cards have meant to me. Thank you for helping me keep my spirits up. Sat night I was truly down having to come back in. Thank you for picking me up.

So here is why God directs our paths, our timing, and ask us to walk with him. Here I am back in the hospital. Not necessarily happy about it. I walked quite a bit today. I skipped before dinner and decided to go late. As I stepped out the Medical Team were lining the hall with clappers. It was time for a clap out. If you recall that is what they do for patients on their way to get new lungs. I was allowed to participate in it. My clap out was one of the most special times for me during my stay. Had I have pushed to go home today, I would have missed it. Thank you, Lord, for continually teaching me to rest in you. Mathew 11:28-30.

Please pray for:

Family, Woman, and Surgical Team currently under way at Baylor getting new lungs.

Continued healing and strength for me.

Deborah that over the next few days, weeks, months, I am not too much added work as she gives care.

Strength for my family.

Continued comfort for my Donor family.

AS Always, I Love You All,



August 27, 2019

Good Morning All,

I got a little behind keeping you up to date after I went home on Friday. Had great rest in my own bed for one night until Saturday night when my leg swelled up and I had to go back into the Hospital. They cleared me of any clots but I have an area in my hip after surgery that has fluid collect. Basically this morning they will drain that area. I have been on some heavy antibiotics to help clear what most likely was the start of an infection which is most likely there in my hip. Having said that please pray at 10:00 this morning if you see this. Spirit was down a little when I had to come back in after just one night, but its all good now. I can see the end of this tunnel. Should get to go home by Thursday or Friday at the very latest. 

One thing God continues to teach. His timing is perfect and He has planned our steps. Ecclesiastes 3 tells us that everything has its own time placed by God to bring about change in our hearts to Love and Fear Him. Wished I was a quicker learner. I need to continue to slow down and take in where God is leading and teaching.

Please pray specifically for:

1.   1.  Procedure this morning goes smooth and Med team clears area easily.

2.  2.    Gods continued appointments.

3.   3.   Deborah and Family continued strength.

4.   4.   Donor family continued peace.

Thank you and Love you all!



August 24, 2019

Praise God! Special K spent my first night in my own bed in 25 nights. I have broken free of the Hospital and made it home as of about 7 last night. What an awesome last couple of days I had. Two highlights, One, a Pre-Transplant Coordinator popped into my room and asked if I could go speak to a patient that had a similar spiral and story as my own. I was able to go right then and hopefully encourage Roc and His Wife. What a Blessing. Second mid-afternoon a Harpist came by and asked if she could play over me. She played and we both sang, Old Rugged Cross and Just a Closer Walk with Thee. Just think I was in a rush to go home and could have missed that blessing. Reminder to slow down and let God do His thing. I have been thinking of what I call the Dash. Which is usually for me the part I miss. For instance, we all know our favorite scriptures. What about the vs. before and after, ie. The Dash? Take Jer 29:11. For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. It is the verse before and after where the meat really is. Before paraphrased says I am coming back for you. The verse after states we are going recognize Gods pursuit of us and we will call on His name, pray to Him, and find Him when we seek with all our hearts. Encouragement today, look for the dash.


Please pray specific today:

1.     Continued Healing and strength, hospital time has zapped a lot of strength.

2.      Pray for Roc who has been listed but now awaiting lungs

3.      Continued comfort and healing for Donor Family

4.      Collin – he is set up at new school, excited to start on Monday. Continued confidence in his pursuit.

5.      Continued strength for Deborah as she has now flipped back into role of caregiver. May her load be lighter every day.

6.      Scheduling as I begin the 3-4 a week outpatient rehab process.

As Always I Love You All and am Thankful for each of you and your thoughtful prayers, text, visits and calls.

Much Love,



August 22, 2019

Good Morning All, 
Thought I would give an update as I set here awake on Hospital time. First I must say it really is nice being able to set here and breathe room air, no need for Oxygen! We serve a mighty God! Let me ask a question that I have reflected on over the last several months. How does one get through situations in life like a dbl lung transplant, or even a rough day without a  Personal Relationship with Christ? A follow up to that is If you don't, then why not? Let me just tell you how He has sustained me / restored me through this process. First my transplant while it has given me a new physical life, moreover it has given a spirit of restoration of those woven throughout my life. I tell you, it truly has been one miracle after another brought about by many of your prayers. I look forward to sharing my entire story soon and with as many as I possibly can. My physical update is:
On transplant surgical floor, no more ICU. 
Currently working on situation with my heart going in and out of A-fib. 
Physical Therapy going well regaining my strength. Climbed 11 steps then back down again today. 
I am getting stronger every day..
Off of all narcotic pain meds. 
Not sure of Home going date, but I do know I am getting close. 
Please Continue to Pray Specific for:
Regaining of Strength,
Training to be sufficient, due to the quickness of transplant several steps of learning were skipped, there is a lot to learn about post transplant care.
Continued prayers for donor family and there ultimate gift of life to so many, may in their loss they find comfort and even joy because of the gift of life they gave. 
As always I Give God Thanks for all of your posts, calls, texts, and visits. You have helped keep my spirits high over the last 24 days in Hospital. 
I give God all Glory for the relationships he has given me through each of you. I pray that Today you are Blessed beyond measure. 
I Love you All, 


August 20, 2019

Kyle  remains in hospital getting stronger daily. Doctors continue to monitor him from head to toe. Presently having an issue with his heart rhythm but hoping meds will help resolve the issue. He is otherwise doing well. Thanks for prayers as always, special visits, call, texts.. feeling blessed