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Gifted by Irene Boland

“In honor of Jim Weiss”

Gifted by Melanie Timm Diemel

Gifted by Pam,Marc & Jill Patri

“In honor and memory of Jim Weiss”

Gifted by Pete Turek

“In memory of Jim Weiss.”


“In honor of Jim Weiss”

Gifted by Jack and Annne Robinson

“In honor of Jim Weiss”
kelly o and jen

Gifted by kelly o and jen

“In honor of Jim Weiss”
Bob and Kathie

Gifted by Bob and Kathie

“In honor of Jim Weiss and his loving family.”

Gifted by Jeff & Pam Morris

“We love you Jim. Stay strong. Your positive outlook is inspiring to us all.”
Gary and Bobbi Huiting

Gifted by Gary and Bobbi Huiting

“Jim, our thoughts and prayers are with you. You are always there for others, now we are all pulling together for you. We love you.”