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Dec 05-11

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It's been a full week since Jimmy came home. For my part I am rather content having my pillow next to his each night knowing I will see his face in the morning!
The kids are happy to help him settle in as if nothing has changed. Its nice to have all of our family under one roof. This is potentially our last year for that, making it extra special to be complete again.
Jimmy is so ready to just pick up where he left off. It's hard to convince him his body still needs to rest! What a remarkable difference from even just 2 weeks ago.
He will continue with out patient therapy 2 to 3 days per week for the next 2 months. He sees his neurosurgeon at the end of this month. This week he saw his primary care dr and the therapy team doctor, who will continue to monitor his progress. I like that there is a team approach on this even now. Each one has their speciality, so they confer on all the notes and have different focuses, helping him recover from all angles.
Currently doctor's orders are plenty of rest and full time supervision. Have any of you known this man to follow orders? Can you imagine him allowing supervision? We just follow him around trying to make sure he doesn't get too tired. 😂  It can be quite funny when he decides he's gonna "break the rules". He tried to cut the grass this week and ended up with Meg & I both fussing at him. How many kids live here?

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