Carmen Chambers|Aug 3, 2018
We(Misty’s mom and stepdad)have been here two weeks. We saw Jimmy in the hospital the first week and he came home that Friday. (2weeks ago). I have known this man for a number of years now and he is all about taking care of his family. This past week he push d himself very much so he can get things back to normal.
Jimmy remember to slo down when you are tired and it is really okay to delegate some of the work that you know needs done to others. Your children will help, you. Just ask them and give them the opportunity. Or at least have them help you with things.
We are care of yourself so you are able to care for your family.
Thank you for the great hospitality and glad we could be of help to you all.
Nana and Papa
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Beverly Haithcock|Aug 3, 2018 (edited)
I am so happy that he is home and you all seem to be settling in. I know it is challenging but I feel the love there to sustain and help moving forward. We are still praying and sending our love 💕
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David Murray|Aug 3, 2018
Get the mittens and restraints back out and put those on for 2 days and tell him if he is good, you will remove them
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