Thoughts & Well Wishes

Abbigail Wheeling | Jul 15, 2018
Jimmy, your “pool family” is thinking about you and keeping you in our prayers that you will be back with us soon.  I repaired “your” chair, the red one, and it is ready for you.  Work hard in therapy and rest when you can, we are waiting for you!
Abbie, Iris, Grant, Debbie, Marta and Kurt
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Kim Chambers | Jul 7, 2018
Good Morning Nelson Family! Woke up with you all on my heart. Prayers    already started🙏, and hoping for many recovering accomplishments for Jimmy today!!!
Keep on keeping on Jimmy, Misty and family!!! There are many miracles about your journey that I have seen, ONE, being precious Meghan WALKING AWAY and being able to express what was needed after that accident! Especially after seeing the photo's!! GOD IS SO GOOD!! 
In time, I'm looking forward to some guitar playing Jimmy and singing Misty!! To God be the Glory!!!
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Trish Larimer | Jul 6, 2018
Jimmy, I know from being in the hospital for a couple of months myself, you begin to wonder if you will ever leave.  You have now reached the peak of your mountain (standing and walking a few steps, probably with much support) and now, though it will be hard, the trip is on the down hill side.  Anyhow, due to muscle loss, you will have to keep the faith and work at it, but you can do this.  Reading what Misty has said about you, I know you are a great husband, father... (kitten lover!!)  I am keeping you and your family in prayers every day.  I hope you know many folks are rooting for you!
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