Honor Jimmy

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Gifted by Love and hugs, Sharon and David Turner

“You are always in our thoughts and prayers! We love you and wish that we could do more to help out.”

Gifted by Eddie and Emma Huggins

“Praying for you and your awesome family.”

Gifted by Caroline E.

Kathy Carvajal

Gifted by Kathy Carvajal

“Jimmy Moore! You are always in my thoughts and prayers! Congratulations to you and your beautiful wife on the new addition to your family.”

Gifted by Lee

“Keep up with the hard work you put in to your recovery - you're making great progress and it shows.”
Your Uncle Wayne A. Rose ( Cape Cod ) Ma.

Gifted by Your Uncle Wayne A. Rose ( Cape Cod ) Ma.

“In honor of Jimmy Moore My prayer go out to you Jimmy, for a fast recovery. Love Always and Forever Your Uncle Wayne A. Rose”

Gifted by anonymous

“In honor of Jimmy Moore -- go Tar Heels!”
Tiffany & Michael Nicholson

Gifted by Tiffany & Michael Nicholson

“In honor of Jimmy & Jaimie Moore. Praying.”
Dietmar Bloech

Gifted by Dietmar Bloech

“In honor of Jimmy Moore”

Gifted by Axelrod

“In honor of Jimmy Moore”