Honor Jim

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14 Tribute Donations

Mr. Brad McKee

Gifted by Mr. Brad McKee

“In honor of an outstanding man, athlete, and childhood friend: Jimmy Elliott. 'God is Good'”

Gifted by Ms. Allison M. Lambert

“Peace, prayers, and healing for all.”

Gifted by Melanie Pritchett

“In honor of Jim Elliott -- Jim, you are in our thoughts and prayers.”
Rick Cantrell

Gifted by Rick Cantrell

“In caring of and praying for Jim Elliott”

Gifted by anonymous

“Thinking of you, praying for you. - Ken & Marcy Schultz”

Gifted by Julie Liming

“In honor of Jim and memory of Jennifer Wiggs.”

Gifted by Jack Sells

“We love you Jimmy.”

Gifted by Lisa A. Daniel

“In honor of Jim Elliott.God has you in his hands!”

Gifted by Holly A. Young

“In honor of Jim Elliott, and his family.”
Mona McCoy

Gifted by Mona McCoy

“To honor Jim Elliott & in memory of Juanita Amick”