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Journal entry by Jim Corrigan

Well, today is 33 days since my transplant and I had my 1st follow-up at Dana Farber. I’m happy to report that everything is going well - maybe even better than expected. Some of the restrictions I’ve had are being loosened. I can now eat fresh fruit, eat at restaurants, mingle more easily with people who are healthy, drink tap water, and a few other things that represent progress.

Most of the rest of the restrictions can come off in late January. 

I’ll have weekly follow-ups with my Oncologist at Lowell General a few more times, then these will begin to occur less often.  Reimmunizing for all childhood diseases will happen over the next 24 months. 

Sandy and I get out every day for a 2 mile walk and I can do some resistance band exercises at home. I’m still at least 2 months away from going back to the gym - germ factories that they are. And while I can go to restaurants, it should be at quieter times, not a crowded sports bar during a patriots game. But no deli meat for a year: 😡😡😡

It has always seemed to me that you’re either better or almost better when you’re no longer constantly mindful of not feeling well. At this point, I feel well enough that I don’t really think constantly about how I’m feeling - a sure sign of progress.

So it’s time to shut down this caringbridge site. Thanks to everyone who checked into it and wished me well. I appreciate that so many cared enough to look in on it.

And as a final point, donations of blood and blood platelets is a really helpful thing to do for people who need them on the receiving end. I know I had at least one infusion of blood platelets to help me recover. I’m lucky that these were available when I needed them.

And thanks to Sandy who has put up with me and has been an excellent caregiver.

A shout out to our daughters, Amy and Sarah, our sons-in-law, Matt and Tom, and our 4.75 grandchildren for their love and support.

Sandy and I have so much to be grateful for and would like to wish all of you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving!

As Barak Obama closed out his last address at the White House Correspondents Dinner 2016. 

“Corrigan out”

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