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WEEK 3: The Countdown (week of 10.21.2019)

Week 3 Summary
  • Received surgery date: December 6th, Northside Hospital Women's Center.
  • Picked up paperwork for my leave of absence at work.
  • Received hundreds (I'm exaggerating) of pages of surgical consent forms to sign and return.
  • Decided on DIEP Flap reconstruction and selected my surgical team.
  • Co-hosted a baby shower with a neighbor, for a neighbor. No one knew except the person I hosted the shower with. Now I can tell everyone.
Thank you to my sweet friend and neighbor, Christel, who went with me to one of my consultation appointments and co-hosted my neighbor's shower in her lovely home. So many special events were already planned for this month - long before I knew I had breast cancer. I did not want the news of my diagnosis to take precedence at any of these events... especially the sweet baby shower for my neighbor. It was her day and I didn't want anyone doting over me, as thoughtful as that is! She deserved it and we loved watching her get all the attention over her sweet baby on the way.

I've told a few friends because I need them to be there for my children, and I wish I could tell everyone in person. It's been so hard imagining sharing this news on Facebook, or in texts, or in emails, and now I've done them all. It's no better in person. Honestly, it's more emotional and I'm sort of "cried out" right now.

I'm also taking naps when I need them. I never knew how much I needed sleep. And we dream when we sleep. He speaks to me; that's why I'm not shaken.

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