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DAY 15: Cancer Connects People (10.22.19)

Never assume that your story won’t make an impact on others. Today, I connected with MK - a breast cancer survivor who started her own journey 7 years ago. I’ve never met MK in person, but our mutual friend, Leslie, paused her own life to take time to connect us. I love Leslie and her loyalty...her leadership....but also her availability as a friend to me.

Within seconds of our hour-long call today, I instantly felt safe in our conversation. Cancer connects people like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

It’s interesting to see how God uses something so evil to bring out the sweetest gestures from people. MK shared the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of her journey - which is exactly what I wanted to hear. It was so encouraging to hear it first-hand and have the opportunity to ask questions. It was like my own, personal, live, training Webinar on breast cancer!

MK gave me something I didn’t realize I needed: tips for recovery! I’ve focused for so long (all 15 days since my diagnosis) on what happens between today and surgery day that I’ve barely given thought to what happens AFTER recovery.

After MK’s advice, I added 4 more things to my running list:
☑️ Buy tops that button to wear during recovery.
☑️ Use pool noodle when doing snow angels.
☑️ Find a physical therapist who focuses on mastectomy recovery with facia massage. 
☑️ Don’t attempt to cut the grass when I’m bored a few weeks after surgery. 🤣

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