Thoughts & Well Wishes

Susan Fields | Oct 31, 2019

Jewell, I am so sorry you have this valley  to walk through and know I am praying for your healing however God provides. I went thru this same valley with my mother and it’s a real battle and Our God goes before you! 

This part you may totally need or you may totally disregard! It was only because of my mom and my desperate need to help that I found two great supporting efforts that she never got to benefit. One is a Facebook site called The Truth about Cancer and they have so many helpful ideas for healing even with surgery ! There’s another gal Kate (separate site) who does the Gersen diet and she also had breast cancer. 

Lastly, the best thing my family (and dogs!) have done together is a heavy metal detox. This product cleans out trash in your body and allows your body to heal itself . You can’t believe how wonderful this has been for us, it’s too much to tell. I’ll share one - my 16 year old Chase was freed of depression! And it’s easy, not medicine and does but interfere with any treatments, just gets the trash that meds leave behind out. 

I mean only good, it’s because of cancer that I searched through many resources that I found them. Most important I’m praying for you, that your Father will hear the cry of His people to heal you completely! I’ll not mention these again unless you need help researching these options for yourself ! 

Keeping my secrets of helpers is about as crazy as hiding Jesus from my friends!! I love you and pray until He touches you !! 

susan fields 
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