Thoughts & Well Wishes

Patti Hammett | Apr 13, 2019
Hey girl! We have not met but I taught with Jennifer. I too was on dialysis after losing my kidneys. I was on it for 2 years until my brother gave me one. My mother would have but apparently there was an age limit. I will be going on 8 years in Dec since he gave it to me and all is well. He called me from the beach bragging where he was after a week.🙄little brothers😂I wish you well! Stay strong!
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Kat Graham | Apr 9, 2019
Good Tuesday morning glory❤️!  My prayers each and every day begin and end with you Jess.  I know you have got this and that your body needs powerful rest and attention right now.  Perseverance and strength are two things you have been an example of to everyone that knows you and this time will be no different.  For right now though patience is required.  That word is the hardest part of all isn’t it?  We have all been examples of a lack of that trait, me most of all!  For now sweet angel yield to those that would comfort and care for you and those that love you will continue to shine God’s love, mercy and healing upon you.  
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Debbie Sullivan | Apr 6, 2019
Hi sweet friend! I’ve thought about you so much, both since you had to break the news you needed a new donor and now especially after reading Brian’s update yesterday. Sending lots of love and well wishes, and most importantly, prayer. I can’t wait until this is behind you and you’re back to your normal sassy self. You’re so strong. I love you! 
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