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Site created on September 3, 2018

As many of you know, Jess was diagnosed with a large, cancerous tumor in the left lobe of her brain. We will use this website to continue to provide updates as things progress.  


Those of you who know Jess know how amazing she is. She is the healthiest, most Jesus-loving and God fearing woman I know. She takes our kids to serve the homeless in downtown Atlanta. My 3.5 year old son asks me to stop our truck when we pass a “hungry person” because he wants to give them food or money, things he learned from my wife. She serves in every area she can at the church. She goes out of her way on a consistent basis to find people who need to be loved, and she loves on them. She spends so much of her time making herself available to God’s leading. She’s an amazing mother to our 3.5 year old and our 20 month old. She’s a better wife than I could have ever deserved, as many of you have not-so-jokingly reminded me of many times over the years. She has touched so many people's lives, and does it quietly and behind the scenes, as to not draw attention to herself. Even in one of the most difficult times imaginable, I am seeing an inexplicable peace and strength. She is SO, SO strong, but she can't do this on her own. We need your prayers. More importantly, she needs your prayers. 


Our family is so grateful for the prayerful support of our community. We believe whole heartedly in the healing power of our Father, and our biggest request that we can make to you is to keep her in your constant prayer as our family goes through this process. Pray for our doctors. Pray for our wisdom and discernment. Pray that Jess will be completely healed, and that God be glorified in this situation. Pray for her strength and for her peace.  We believe that when a community of people come together in prayer, that it moves the heart of God to do those things only He can do. Join us on this journey in praying for Jess, so that at the end of this, we can celebrate God's goodness together. 



Newest Update

Journal entry by Nathan Artt

It has been a long time since we have posted an update. However, this past week, we received some really good news we wanted to share. As a part of the follow up procedure, Jess has to have MRI's every two months to check for recurring growths. We went to our scan this past week, and it came back completely clean! There is no indication of a tumor at all in the scans. This is obviously a huge win for her, and we couldn't be happier. Everyone is breathing a huge sigh of relief. 

A lot of you have been asking for an update on Jess. She has been recovering well, and there is almost no way to tell that she had a massive brain surgery just months ago. She is in good spirits, and is looking forward to getting her driver's license back. 

Again, we are so grateful for all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We feel very loved, and it's obvious that all of your prayers have been heard and answered. Again, thanks for caring enough to join us on this journey.

Also, Jess wanted me to ask about two gifts she received. She is not sure who the giver is, but wants to thank them. The first is a bathrobe/housecoat, and the second is a Visa gift card for $50. If you think that was you, please let us know.
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