Nancy Arena|Apr 29, 2020
So glad for you that you are now Cancer free! God bless and enjoy those kids and Jordan.
❤ Nancy Arena
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David Durr|Apr 28, 2020
So happy for you guys. What a journey!
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Jeff Clifford|Apr 27, 2020
That is absolutely awesome news. I am so happy for you and your family. With everything going on in the world right now, you get to be a shinning spot for so many.
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Kathy Ferguson|Apr 25, 2020
Such great news! Miss seeing you at St. Mary’s. Hopefully we can get back to Mass soon. God bless you with continued health.
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Rita Mashechko|Apr 25, 2020
Thanks Jessie for this wonderful news, prayers do get answered.

God Bless all of you with continued good health, happiness and a long long life.
Love, Aunt Rita
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Roberto Skertchly|Apr 25, 2020
What a beautiful testimony of the Love, Care, and Faithfulness of God! And what an awesome and uplifting testimony of Trust, Surrender, and Courage of you and Jordan and your family! Thank you for sharing it with us. Thanks be to God all merciful and loving for He is good for ever!
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Tina Robbins|Apr 24, 2020
Your story is beautiful and your pictures are precious! Congratulations and may you be blessed with good health for the rest of your life. 😊
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Yvette Jackson|Apr 24, 2020
I love every piece of this update. You are such an amazing person to me.
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Jennelle Spurlock|Apr 24, 2020
Praise God Praise God! I truly admire your strength and resilience. I am so happy for you and your family. You guys will always be in my prayers.
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