We are praying for a fast and complete recovery!
Pete Villanueva | Nov 25, 2019
Looks like you're doing great. Keep it up!!
Barb & Mel | Aug 19, 2019
Wishing you a fast recovery.
Ann Lague & Family | Aug 6, 2019
My son is Miguel Barton, Evan Murphy’s cousin, we live in AZ but he meet Jesseca in July when visit family, he told me when he came home about her, he was very impressed about her personality. He almost cried when I told him about the accident.Blessings
María Barton | Aug 6, 2019
May God bless Jesseca and her family with strength, patience, love, and trust during this difficult time.
The Wisnewski's | Aug 4, 2019
Pam (Overland) Gilbert | Aug 3, 2019
Prayers going out to you and family
TJ Galleberg | Aug 3, 2019
hey babygirl:) thinking of you and hoping for a speedy recovery. fight as hard as you can and stay strong beautiful!! -amber stevens and family
Amber Stevens | Aug 2, 2019
Devasted to hear about one of the best in Forest Lake. Wishing you all the best and fast recovery.
Jacob Kaufmann | Aug 2, 2019
Praying for healing for Jesseca, God's strength for your family, and wisdom for everyone involved in her care.
The Navara family | Aug 2, 2019