Journal entry by Miranda Overland

Jesseca has had a very busy first few days in Rehab, and it kinda feels like a taste of college and school work! 

Her schedule is much lighter this weekend, therefore visitors can stop by Saturday anytime after noon, and Sunday anytime after 11am. 

This is definitely the toughest thing she’s ever had to do, therefore there are a lot of mixed emotions throughout the day. Seeing some new faces would brighten up her weekend! 

In regards to silent auction baskets, please contact Miranda for drop off times and locations 612-990-0251. 


Journal entry by Miranda Overland

Jesseca has her first big day today full of 3+ hours worth of PT, OT, speech, etc etc. 

Since her schedule is very strict and time consuming, we are asking that if you are wanting to come visit, please contact us first. Her days are very long and time consuming and tiring now as she enters her next phase of recovery. 

Thank you for understanding! 

Journal entry by Miranda Overland

Jesseca was able to shower for the first time since the accident, hallelujah! 

A big day is ahead of us today! They plan on moving her to 7th floor, which is the hospital’s rehab floor. There she will do 1-3 hours of PT everyday. The average stay there is 10-14 days, however she could be leaving the hospital to go home within a week. We are finally on the home stretch! 

She is also no longer diet restricted. She’s free to eat whatever, whenever.

Its crunch time! 

Journal entry by Miranda Overland

Jesseca finally got her feeding tube removed, so she is TUBE FREE! She’s been eating a lot better as well: smoothies, eggs, pancakes, soup, etc. 

Our nexts steps are not lined up yet, but there are many possibilities. We will either move her up to 7th floor for a week or two of Rehab, or depending on if she needs it or not, we will be having her do her rehab at home. This next week will be the deciding week of what our next phase of recovery is. 

She loves seeing friends throughout the day! Feel free to visit her 12-5pm! 

Thank you to all who have already donated items for her silent auction at her fundraising dinner for Monday night. We can’t wait to see you all! 

-The Overlands

Journal entry by Miranda Overland

Today was another eventful day! 

Jesseca is eating much better, and got her last chest tube removed today. The only tube left, which will come out tomorrow, is her feeding tube through her nose. After that, she’s tube free! 

PT, OT and Respiratory Therapy all say she’s making great progress and that they see her on the home stretch to getting out of here. Whoo Hoo! 

As many of you know, Jesseca loves to be surrounded by friends. Therefore, we are opening up visiting everyday until further notice from 12-5pm. She had a very fun day and it was awesome to see a smile on her face and hear her laugh! 

In addition, Famous Dave’s is hosting her benefit dinner Monday evening, 4-9pm August 19th. 20% of proceeds will go towards Jesseca’s recovery costs. We would love to see you all there and be able to thank you all in person! 

There will also be a silent auction. If you, or a business would like to donate a basket or item, please contact Miranda Overland (me) directly. 612-990-0251 

Attached is the flyer, as well as a pic of Jesseca’s friends today. 

Thank you all again for everything! 

Journal entry by Miranda Overland

What a busy day. 
Jesseca officially moved from the ICU to 6th floor, room 628. She had a lot of visitors today which put a smile on her face and brought some joy throughout the day!

She was able to eat some Mac n Cheese, drink a little water, and is now resting comfortably in her new room and would love to see more people tomorrow between noon-5pm! 

Thank you everyone that has helped us and prayed for us throughout this journey. It was a very emotional and exciting day to be leaving the ICU. However, the staff at North Memorial has been nothing but amazing to us all and has helped immensely with this process. 

(Jesseca loves her stuffed animals) 

-The Overlands 

Journal entry by Miranda Overland

***Jesseca is in room 628, 6th floor*** 

Well we thought this weekend would be quiet and relaxing, but this is the best day yet! We are all in tears of joy! 

Jesseca had her right side chest tube removed, and the left side is almost ready to be removed. Slowly but surely, tubes are coming off! 

Speech was able to come see her today and Jesseca passed her swallow test for soft foods! She can eat! However, thin liquids such as water are still a challenge. Nothing to be worried about! 

In addition, they put in the order to move her out of ICU! She will move to 6th floor sometime today, room number to come soon (will be edited in post later). 

What a huge day, and it’s not even halfway done. If anyone is planning on visiting, she will most likely be in her ICU room for a few more hours until they move her to 6th floor. 


Journal entry by Miranda Overland

Jesseca had a very eventful day today! She was able to sit in a chair for an hour and a half, and although she was tired, she pushed through and felt comfortable! She is also using her right arm to brush her own hair, wash her face, etc etc. even though she just had surgery YESTERDAY! 

Here is a little message from Darcy: 
"Friends are God's way of taking care of us" 
- unknown
You don't have to know Jesseca well, to know that she loves to be around people. And the more, the merrier! This morning, as i was leaving for my own "mental health" break, Jesseca was feeling down and confused. She doesn't understand why she can't just leave and go home, take a shower and a long nap. Scott and Miranda both agreed that the minute her friends started showing up, her mood changed dramatically. She was smiling and joking and absorbing all the positive energy. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to visit, i know it means the world to Jesseca. ❤️Darcy

We are welcoming visitors 12-5pm again tomorrow for those wanting to bring a smile to Jesseca’s face! 

-The Overlands 

Journal entry by Miranda Overland

Good morning! 
Jesseca is very “sassy” today (to be expected). She is asking for visitors!! 

We are asking that if you come visit, please come between the hours of noon-5pm for a brief visit with her. Maximum of 4 people at a time in the room, family included. 

Please understand that at anytime, she could not want visitors anymore. It is a hit or miss type day with her. 

Thank you! 

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Journal entry by Miranda Overland

Jesseca was struck by a vehicle turning into her driveway on 8/1/2019 in the evening. She was then airlifted to North Memorial Hospital, and is currently in critical condition in the ICU. She has internal bleeding, injuries to multiple organs, and collapsed lungs. 

Friends are more more than welcome to come, however only family is able to see her until further notice. 

Please see this site for more updates updates and information. 

-Darcy (Mom), Scott (Dad), Randa (Sister)
Jesseca’s Story

Site created on August 1, 2019

August 1st, 2019 approximately 4:30pm, Jesseca was T-boned by a truck as she was pulling into her driveway. She was then airlifted to North Memorial Hospital where she is being treated in the ICU & Rehab departments. She suffered 12 broken ribs, a broken clavicle, a fractured pelvis in 3 places, both lungs collapsed and grade 2 injuries to her spleen and liver. 

Jesseca is very lucky to be alive, and we thank you all for your continuous prayers, support and strength. Please follow this site for updates on her journey to recovery.