Journal entry by Miranda Overland

Jesseca was able to spend the weekend in Duluth visiting me (Miranda), and other friends she went to high school with. Finally experiencing and participating in “normal” 19 year old things! 

In addition, we thought it would be time to share more photos of the car since there have been many requests. Yes it is hard for us as a family to look at, but we also want others to remember what can happen out on the road and to always drive safe. 

You can see in the pictures there is absolutely no room between what should have been the drivers side door, and the center console. Her driver’s side tires, both front and back, are still intact. One airbag went off. Etc etc. 

Thank you to those who continue to donate to her gofundme, and please remember to always drive safe! 
-The Overlands
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Journal entry by Miranda Overland

Well, it’s a very typical day in the Overland house! 
Jesseca is HOME and is enjoying seeing all the gifts, flowers, cards, etc. She’s even starting to write thank you cards, and is eating whatever she wants. 

Our pets love when their “pack” is all together, it is so warming to see them relaxed and happy. 

Today is also my dad’s (Scott’s) birthday, so this is the best gift he could get! Cupcakes are in the making, and steaks are being marinated for tonight’s first family dinner in awhile. Can’t wait! 

Unfortunately, these posts may come to an end as Jesseca starts home recovery now, and all of her friends start school. I as well, have to go back up to Duluth for college tomorrow. Therefore, these posts may only be once a week or so. 

THANK YOU to everyone who has been by our side throughout this journey and has helped us all get back home. Our family is whole and much stronger because of you. We couldn’t have done it without all of you ❤️ 

-The Overlands

Journal entry by Miranda Overland

With our last few days at the hospital, it’s certainly been crunch time. 

Jesseca has a home check tomorrow at some point in order for everything to go smoothly when she finally arrives. 

Then on Monday morning, we will be having a family meeting with all doctors, PTs, OTs, etc. after that, it’s time to go home!

Because of all this craziness, we are asking for no more visitors as we need to be able to focus on her and getting her home. Thank you all for understanding! 

Journal entry by Miranda Overland

Jesseca has had a very strong week of PT, Speech and OT. With that said, she gets to come home MONDAY! 

There will be a home check on Sunday, which will clarify that she is ready to return home. Time to get busy! 

She also had an X-ray on her pelvis which showed it was healing properly and there were no complications. However, the only pain she seems to complain about is in her right leg (doctors are assuming it is nerve damage), as well as her ribs. 

The next steps are figuring out what to do for at home rehab, and getting her comfortably situated at home. FINALLY! 

Journal entry by Miranda Overland

Here is the link to the video as well as some other photos:

The man with Jesseca was the 2nd EMT responder to the scene. Zach, expressed that seeing a young girl in so much pain and in such a horrific car accident, broke his heart. Therefore, he had to come to the benefit to see how she was doing! Zach even graduated from Forest Lake, so this hit him hard. North Memorial, you still continue to amaze us with such great care and an ever greater staff.

Journal entry by Miranda Overland

What an evening!! 

Thank you to everyone who came out to support Jesseca and our family. Getting to see you all and thank you in person mean’s the world to us.

For those of you who don’t know, both I (Miranda) as well as Jesseca worked at Famous Dave’s in Forest Lake. I started there when I was just 16. I remember applying to so many different places, until one day my dad and I were driving by and he said, “why don’t you work at Dave’s? It’s close to home and great food”. 

Well, I listened to my father’s advice and it became my first job as well as my favorite. And just as younger sisters do, Jesseca followed in my foot steps and got a job there as well when she turned 16. Of course my parents loved coming in to eat AND be able to see both daughters working! 

When I moved to Duluth for college, I transferred to the Famous Dave’s in Canal Park. Famous Dave’s has been a huge part of my life, from the coworkers to the lessons I’ve learned. So, when Bob (manager at Famous Dave’s), asked if he could hold a fundraiser for Jesseca, we said HELL YES! 

Again, thank you to all who made this happen. The volunteers, the sponsors, donators, friends, coaches, teachers, etc etc. YOU made this happen. And YOU have helped this community come together and support one another. We love you all ❤️

P.S there is a video of the evening on my Facebook page !  

-The Overlands

Journal entry by Miranda Overland

Jesseca was struck by a vehicle turning into her driveway on 8/1/2019 in the evening. She was then airlifted to North Memorial Hospital, and is currently in critical condition in the ICU. She has internal bleeding, injuries to multiple organs, and collapsed lungs. 

Friends are more more than welcome to come, however only family is able to see her until further notice. 

Please see this site for more updates updates and information. 

-Darcy (Mom), Scott (Dad), Randa (Sister)
Jesseca’s Story

Site created on August 1, 2019

August 1st, 2019 approximately 4:30pm, Jesseca was T-boned by a truck as she was pulling into her driveway. She was then airlifted to North Memorial Hospital where she is being treated in the ICU & Rehab departments. She suffered 12 broken ribs, a broken clavicle, a fractured pelvis in 3 places, both lungs collapsed and grade 2 injuries to her spleen and liver. 

Jesseca is very lucky to be alive, and we thank you all for your continuous prayers, support and strength. Please follow this site for updates on her journey to recovery.