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Jun 13-19

This Week

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The Greene family wants to thank each and every one of you for your time, energy, prayers, support, love, meals, generosity, gifts,’ve all provided over the course of the last several months. We can never express how appreciative we are. From the bottom of our hearts and souls, THANK YOU!! 

This weekend was a true testament of how loved Jeremy is. He is forever in our hearts and minds. We know he was present. We know he felt the love. ❤️🙌🏽🙏🏽

Although our lives will never be the same and the grief will always be present, I’ll leave us all with this:

“God promises to make something good out of the storms that bring devastation to your life.” Romans 8:28

And I’ll tell ya what, I’d rather go through the storms with Jesus than sail through life without Him. 🙌🏽

 Here are pictures from Jeremy’s celebration of life. Please stay connected. Those in Jeremy’s  life are a part of us too. 

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