Thoughts & Well Wishes

Mari Hentges | Nov 6, 2019
Dear Jenny, I’m sooo sorry to hear you are going through treatment again.  Every time I see your face or your name, I just smile!!!  I remember all our fun trips and I couldn’t have had a better NMDP member!  I’m praying for you and keep smiling, you can do this!❤️🙏❤️
vickie king | Nov 6, 2019
Jenny: you've always had a very special place in my heart and have thought of you often! I remember meeting you for the very first time when you came into the office (Dr Durel's). To watch you go through your treatments and BMT's was so hard. I can still remember visiting you at SLU. You are such a strong, brave woman.... just as before! I'm truly sorry you are battling this crappy demon Cancer again!! Sending you much Love!! I'm here if you need anything!! 
Melissa Harlinski | Nov 6, 2019
So sorry to hear about your new battle. I haven’t seen you in years (1994?) but I remember how positive and happy you were and sounds like this hasn’t changed. I remember reading about you in Glamour I think it was years ago and how strong you were. Stay strong and keep inspiring others.
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