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Update #1: First Chemo Treatment, January 5

Jenn has a phenomenal team of doctors and professionals treating her at the Bliss Cancer Center in Ames, Iowa. Chemo treatment includes blood work, meeting with her oncologist and a 
chemo cocktail infusion that lasts approximately five hours. Jenn had no significant reaction to the first treatment. Other than fatigue, heartburn and a sensitive tummy – she is able to fully engage with her family, work and fulfill some of her much loved volunteer work.


A note from Ben that he wrote in school expresses just how much gratitude we have for Jenn’s team:

Dear My Mom’s Doctors:

Thank you for helping my Mom. It really means a lot to me. I just don’t know how to thank you.

I hope you are doing good. And I hope your family is doing good.




Note from the Galvin Family - We so appreciate the prayers, positive wishes, food, recommended recipes, care packages and check-in e-mails/text messages. They have been wonderful!

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