Jennifer’s Story

Site created on August 6, 2008

Dad's Farewell to his Daughter:

The human body is a beautiful  symphony of molecular symbiosis.  Each of the parts in the body work to achieve the wonderful  goal of life.  At times the symbiosis is shattered by parts that don't work together, so we need to replace the parts.  A lot of times the replacement of parts work to harmonize so the music of life can flow, other times as in Jennifer's case it adds to the dysfunction.  The quality of the music  had not improved for Jennifer, but it was always so much better than the silence we experience  now that she's gone.  We can all hope that Whoever, Whatever, and Wherever  God is - Jennifer can be the Glorious orchestra conductor of symphonies for eternity. 

Why Jennifer Needed New Guts


Jennifer was born with congenital short bowel syndrome referred to as short gut. Her care never got easy, but it did become our “normal” routine.

She was active at school and was only “hooked up” to her feeds at night. She was an honor student, loved to read, DANCE, listen to music, watch TV, decorate her room, and hang out with friends.

She did not eat when she was young—she could not understand the concept of putting something in her mouth and swallowing (even though we modeled that activity for her way too much LOL). She did eventually become a very picky eater. As a teen she became a “foodie”, always wanting to try new foods.

So that brings us to Aug 5, 2008 and that is where my journal starts. She was so strong, so brave, and fun loving.

She truly is Wonder Woman.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Maritia Sparks

Jennifer passed away September 13, 2010 at home. She no longer will have to struggle.

Link to an online Memory photobook of Jennifer:

Thanks to all who have written words of encouragement to Wonder Woman.

Jennifer kept a List of things to do and was able to accomplish some of the items. Please keep Wonder Woman’s legacy alive by doing something from her “Bucket List” that she did not have the time to do herself.

Sign her guestbook and let her family know about your experience.

Jennifer’s List of Things to Do

    1. See the ocean
    2. Climb to the top of a water tower
    3. Bungee jump
    4. Kiss in the rain (cliché I know but I’m a girl)
    5. Go to New York
    6. Drive until I get lost
    7. Move to Austin
    8. Learn sign language
    9. Live on my own
    10. Walk up to a stranger and introduce myself
    11. Dance in front of an audience (solo)
    12. Travel to Paris
    13. Travel to Rome
    14. Have one night to get completely crazy
    15. Be on television
    16. Have a dog and name it Bella or (Roxie)
    17. Wear a bikini and be 100% confident
    18. Get back stage at a concert
    19. Steal a street sign
    20. Go skinny dipping
    21. Go Streaking
    22. Find the perfect pair of jeans
    23. Wear red lipstick all day with out feeling like a tard
    24. Ride a mechanical bull
    25. Trust someone with all my secrets
    26. Have someone trust me with all their secrets
    27. Make a difference in someone’s life
    28. Give a speech in front of a large group of people
    29. Take a trip alone to a place I don’t know anyone
    30. Write a song
    31. Buy a pair of shoes that cost more than $100
    32. Buy a pair of cowboy boots
    33. Have the Perfect Day
    34. Get a tattoo
    35. Get my nose or Monroe pierced
    36. Climb to the top of a billboard and just sit there
    37. Go an entire day with out speaking
    38. Dye my hair a crazy color
    39. Take singing lessons
    40. Learn to play an instrument
    41. Get lilies from my sweetheart
    42. Love someone unconditionally
    43. Win a radio contest
    44. Go to a movie by myself
    45. Eat at a restaurant alone
    46. Catch a drumstick at a concert
    47. Have a nice body
    48. Be told I’m a good kisser
    49. Get professional pictures done
    50. Eat a gourmet meal
    51. Be flat on my splits
    52. Randomly kiss a stranger on the street

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