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May 9, 2021

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

By God's good grace, we are hoping we will be having a pleasant Lord's Day here in Willis. That's right. We finally made the big move and, along with it, another crazy busy week. We finally got all our stuff packed up and moved down here on Monday only to find that there had been a major rain that had come through. We couldn't park anywhere near the cottage, so we had to carry the stuff across the yard. I had Jen post up in a lawn chair and simply direct traffic, so that her role in the move could be as minimal as possible.

There have been a ton of mosquitos. Our host family assures us that there have been more in the past couple days than they saw all of last year. I saw a lot of standing water still collected in a neighbor's yard. I think that's where they're breeding. The mosquitos have been toughest on the kids who love playing outside and visiting with the host family, but they got to spend most of the week outside before the mosquitos really started invading in full force.

Of course, the last few days, Jen and I have been too busy running around to worry about mosquitos. Jen had her COVID test on Wednesday in The Woodlands. Then, we went down to Houston on Friday for her initial consultation (We left at 8am and didn't get back until nearly 4pm). Then, we had to go right back in yesterday for a CT scan and some other tests. That appointment was actually quite a bid earlier, so we got back yesterday around 11:30am. They had initially scheduled it for Sunday, but we told them we don't do Sundays. I'm sure we'll have to tell them again. We think they just kind of schedule you for whenever works best for them (probably because of the sheer volume of patients they see). Our next appointment is tomorrow for a virtual visit with the oncologist to go over the results of the CT scan and talk about how to proceed moving forward.

We worked diligently this week, when we weren't in town, to get all the boxes unpacked. I'm happy to report that we are almost entirely unpacked, and everything fit! I want to give a special thanks to the men of Faith Community Baptist Church of Fort Worth for renting a U-Haul, loading up what we couldn't bring, and storing it for us in their several garages until, Lord willing, we return to Fort Worth. Also, we want to thank our host family (the Cochrans) for opening up this cottage for us to stay in and being so hospitable over the past week. A special thanks also to everyone who helped us pack, watched the kids for us, have been praying for us, and have helped us in myriad other ways. I am certain that God sees your good deeds and will reward them.

Many of you will be happy to know that the kids have already made new friends. The Cochrans have a dog named Gypsy and a cat named Punkin, as well as their many chickens. The neighbors even have a dog named Buddy, and Buddy and Gypsy spend most of their time lounging in front of our door waiting for the kids to come out and play with them. The kids also stay busy harvesting chicken eggs with Mr. Cochran and playing parcheesi with Mrs. Cochran.

With all that we've done, I have surprisingly found time to get two interviews done with the Chick-fil-A here. It sounds like they are going to be pretty flexible with me, so I am very grateful for the opportunity to come on board with them. I will have three days of training with them starting tomorrow. I have also managed to stay on top of scheduling for my current Operator in Fort Worth, and just got them posted late last night.

We look forward to visiting with Grace Covenant Baptist Church in Willis, TX., today, and to partaking in the Lord's grace with His people. We celebrated Mother's Day early, yesterday. We got Jennifer a card, some roses, and a balloon. Of course, our youngest thought it would be a great idea to tie up the balloon on the bench outside and it floated away. Jennifer was devastated, but I asked her to go easy on Livy. It wasn't easy for her, because Livy did not seem all that remorseful at first.

Thanks again for all your prayers. We're hoping for a less eventful week this coming week. Please pray for rest and recuperation. May the Lord ever be your strength and guide.

In the love of Christ,
Billy and Jennifer Leonhart

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  • Mary Jane DeCutler : Thank you Billy for your update.
  • Freddie Taylor : Billy, sent a gift by way of Sam. Please check with him ASAP. We continue to pray for the best without ceasing and treasure the postings that keep us informed . God bless your journey. Love, Aunt Freddie and Uncle Dale