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Journal entry by Shannon Adams

No chemotherapy today as this is Jenifer’s week off. She’ll resume next week.  Due to some ongoing issues, she is scheduled for an endoscopy procedure Tuesday morning. Please keep her in prayer.  During back surgery last week, she had difficulty coming out of the general anesthesia. Please pray that this is not an issue tomorrow.

She has two lymphedema wrapping sessions this week and is praying that this month ends rapidly, so she can place these behind her.

We will keep you posted on tomorrow’s procedure and more in the coming days.

Thank you for your unceasing prayers and support.

Journal entry by Shannon Adams

Jenifer’s back surgery last Friday was a success.  While there is still pain at the sites the neurosurgeon drilled into, the back pain, from the compression fractures has been repaired and alleviated!

She had another successful round of chemotherapy on Monday.

Twice weekly in August and September Jenifer visits the lymphedema specialist and has her right arm wrapped tightly. This helps with the swelling, but is quite uncomfortable to wear between visits. 

Please remain in prayer for these and for the unspoken requests she has.

Journal entry by Shannon Adams

Jenifer is continuing to have trouble with swelling in her arm and legs. Last week she began having her arm wrapped to reduce the fluid buildup. The wrap is changed and the arm massaged twice a week. She will continue this therapy for a total of six weeks. 
On Friday, Jenifer will be having her back surgery. The surgery is to repair the three vertebrae that have collapsed and fractured now that the cancer is out of the area. The procedure is to patch and fill the areas that have collapsed. It should be an outpatient surgery. The doctor says she should have instant relief from the back pain. 
Thank you all for the prayers! 

Journal entry by Shannon Adams

We thoroughly enjoyed a visit from Jenifer over the weekend. We enjoyed the zoo, a movie, and lots of snuggles. It was a true blessing to have her visit our new home in Nebraska. 
This week is another week full of appointments. Monday she had her weekly chemo. Today was her first lymphadema appointment. They are wrapping her arm in hopes to reduce the swelling. Her right arm and both feet are still severely swollen. We are praying she has relief from the pain and discomfort that the swelling causes. Tomorrow she will have a CAT scan and an appointment with the neurosurgeon regarding the steps necessary to give her relief from the extreme back pain where the spinal discs have collapsed. 
This coming weekend she is planning on helping our family hold down the fort with Dad while we take our oldest child to college. She could use prayer for strength and energy.  Thank you!

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Journal entry by Shannon Adams

Jenifer’s oncologist told her on Monday, “Fantastic! Everything looks fantastic!” The cancer is responding favorably to the treatment. So well that there is no longer a necessity for surgery to remove any remaining cancer. The pain she is experiencing in her spine is a result of the treatment. Some of her discs have collapsed on themselves. The oncologist is scheduling her to meet with another specialist to possibly do a procedure that would essentially inflate the area of the spine and relieve the extreme pain she is having. The oncologist will do four more rounds of chemotherapy. Each round lasting one month. His hope is to have her on a two month maintenance follow-up by January. We praise God for His faithfulness in Jenifer’s life. Thank you so much for your prayers. God has heard us and graciously answered. To God be the glory!

Journal entry by Shannon Adams

From Jenifer: 
Meet with oncologist near noon today to learn of current condition based on scans ran on Friday. 
Followed by three hours chemo.
Heading into my fourth week of feeling good. This is miraculous.
Will update tomorrow what oncologist shares today.

Journal entry by Shannon Adams

Jenifer has an appointment with her pain management team this morning at 10:00. Following that, at 11:30, she will be receiving 2 units of blood. They discovered on her labs yesterday that once again her hemoglobin has dropped dangerously low. This transfusion should take about 4 hours. Thank you for your prayers for Jenifer and her medical team. 

Journal entry by Shannon Adams

Last week was Jenifer’s most pain and nausea free stretch! To God be the glory!! She was even able to take TWO 30 min walks yesterday, by herself! 
Today she will have her labs checked, a nurse check-up, and chemo. Pray they have answers on how to reduce the significant swelling she is having in her legs and feet, as well as for excellent blood results. We are thankful for all your prayers and support. 
Jenifer’s Story

Site created on April 7, 2019

Jenifer was in a car accident early February.  Several weeks later complications from the accident led to the discovery of breast cancer that had spread to several lymph nodes. Through further testing they have diagnosed her with stage 4 cancer, since it has spread to multiple bones, spine, brain and neck.

The first priority is to protect the compromised bones from fracturing so they can begin chemotherapy. She will also be having radiation immediately as well. Thank you all for your prayers.