Kaye Whitmer|Sep 12, 2018
Ron thank you so much for the update. You are a caring, positive partner and writer! Jeniece I just love you! You are a love bug...and a gift to everyone you encounter. Your magnificent inner light powers everything you do and everyone you encounter. So glad to know you are on your way home! Looking forward to seeing you soon!
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Kelly Cushing|Sep 9, 2018
Congratulations on completing the treatments and enduring the climate. We look forward to your return.
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Paul Poling|Sep 7, 2018
Ron and Janiece,

You are the two most amazing people I've ever been blessed to know and be friends with. Janiece's journey and presence at this facility was not my accident. Everyone is looking forward to you guys getting home. Have a great pizza party, surprised you're not making tacos and we'll catch up with you on Monday.

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Sandy Hattan|Sep 7, 2018
Yay!!! So happy to hear that things have gone well! We look forward to having you back in the neighborhood!! Glad you were there for Tina 's and Ilsa's families/support people. You have such a wonderful, uplifting energy that you share with everyone! See you back in the 'hood next week! <3
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katy anderson|Sep 7, 2018
Bless you Jeniece!
So glad your bone marrow treatment is done!
To health and safe journey back home for you and Ron!
Joe sends love to you both!
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Bernadette Shalaby|Sep 7, 2018
I know you were a great blessing to the other patients. So glad all has otherwise gone well. Come on home, so we can celebrate . lots of love x x
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Gayla Hyer|Sep 7, 2018
I am so excited that you will be home soon
Life is an amazing journey and it sounds like you have made some new memories with new friends, love you both.
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Mary Bushbaum|Sep 7, 2018
Jeniece you blow me away. You continue to give and you are a gift to everyone you touch. Soon you will be home and surrounded by everything that is familiar.

Love you,
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