Journal entry by Ron Fridell

It's been a very difficult week. There were 3 cancer patients here, Jeniece, Tina from California and Ilse (dutch spelling for Elsa) from Toronto. Tina and Ilse were in very advanced stages of their diseases.  Tina passed last week and Ilse passed early Wednesday morning. Jeniece was truly a gift for Ilse's husband Marty as she supported him during that painful morning. Some might say this was a reason for us to be here.  Marty spent much of the morning with us as he cried, shared stories of how they met, how he was blown away by her beautiful singing voice and how he fell for her. It's beautiful  how our beloved Jeniece connects with people with her kindness and love.
Today Jeniece had some bone marrow removed. It was spun in the centrifuge, "cleaned" and then the stem cells returned to her in an IV. Yay, the last major treatment is complete!!! This is supposed to give the immune system a major boost to fight the cancer. Now we're in the home stretch with easy treatments over the weekend and then home Monday. We can't wait to get away from the desert and home to cool fresh air, family, friends and football (well, maybe not football for Jeniece).
Jeniece is throwing a pizza party for the staff at 3pm today. Should be fun.
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