Journal entry by Ron Fridell

As I am packing up and putting things into the suitcase, I keep getting pinged on the phone with the well wishes of friends and family. I am overwhelmed with the out pouring of peoples love and support. What an incredibly great world we live in. Even as there is a swirl of partisan politics causing so much stress in peoples lives, it's nice to know we can create our own circle of love. While having this diagnosis can be very troubling to the mind, every time I start up with fear, I remind myself no one has control of my thoughts but me and only I can create heaven to live in.  

I am excited about this trip like a Olympian athlete entering  the stadium on Friday before the games start with all possibilities before them. I am determined to make everyday count during my treatment giving it my all in mind, body and spirit. You can help by holding the vision of me being healthy, hiking in my beloved mountains, dancing with spirit. Please do not hold concern or worry in your hearts. It does me no good and may in fact hold me back. 

We will be staying at the CMN hospital in the desert in San Luis, just over the border from Yuma Az. Ron gets his own bed in our room. It's been running 110-115 degrees and I fear Ron may melt before we get home. We are so fortunate to be having our friends Laura and Katy come for a visit for 5 days and then Nora and NeaL for 5 days. Who could believe we would be so surrounded by love. 

Sending you so much gratitude for all your incredible support and love. It has already been an awesome journey even though difficult at times, with so many experiences of the heart that were never expected. Thank you for traveling on this journey of the heart. 
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