Michael Harrington|Sep 10, 2018
Dear Jeneice!
Lord this month went fast! I am filled with joy to know you’ve had heaven’s touch from all the care givers there. The Light, Love and Vitality you have absorbed has and will set every cell and atom of your body on a revived course of full dynamic health. I send my love as I have through the month and now as you prepare to return home. Much love to you and to Ron and I look forward to hearing your experiences once you’ve resettled back into the temperate Pacific Northwest...home.
Love, Michael & Julianne
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Don Gallagher|Aug 11, 2018
Jeniece – You once mentioned that Beloved Prophet brought you comfort in hard times. Hopefully you still have your copy. If not, I would love to send you the copy you were once kind enough to gift to me.
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Lisa Conant|Aug 11, 2018
Safe travels on your trip!! We will be there with you in spirit, sending our love and daily support. Immerse yourself with people who have taken this journey before and healed.....and KNOW.....that you CAN do this also💜💜💜
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Kelly Cushing|Aug 7, 2018
All the best Janice for your therapy in San Luis. We look forward to time with you and Ron.
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Paul Poling|Aug 2, 2018
Wishing you and Ron all the best. The house will be painted upon your return.
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Joan Cushing|Aug 1, 2018
Looking forward to some beautiful bike rides with you when you return from Mexico in the fall.
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Josh Kinnee|Jul 31, 2018
Download WhatsApp it's a voice over internet where you can talk and text for free over wifi. You just have to use my normal number and uses your contacts. It's the best way to connect with people when outside the states. Text me when your up on it, I'll call you. I'm 10hrs ahead.

He's got some great motivational videos on youtube.

You're physically and mentally stronger than most, and have challenged yourself with amazing physical feats most wouldn't attempt throughout your life. This is just another hurdle in life. It's not the first, and wont be the last. You keep fighting, you never quit, you never give up, we're all there for you! The have the teams of teams fighting for you, and with you.

All our love - Josh, Melissa, Emily, and Scarlett
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katy anderson|Jul 30, 2018
Sending love. And anticipating the triumph that comes with summiting one of our mountain when you get through this, dear. I'll be there ready to holler with you! xo
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Mary Bushbaum|Jul 30, 2018
Had no idea you were still dealing with this. I am envisioning you healthy and surrounded by love from your friends and family.
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Ricn and Roxann Jones|Jul 30, 2018
We love you and sending positive thoughts every day
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