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Stephanie Burton | Sep 12, 2018
Your presence there is a blessing for everyone. Your positive energy and spirit is missed here at the studio. Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us. Sending you lots of positive energy...we are looking forward to seeing you soon Jeniece! Lots of love 💕💕💕💕
Todd Farm | Aug 29, 2018
My Holotropic Breathwork story for You!


Hello Jeniece,


I'm inspired to finally put down on paper my Holotropic Breathwork experience of nearly 10 years ago.  I think it was the Rosewater adding to my Epsom salt bath recently that inspired me to write and share with you!

One day while reading a local neighborhood newspaper or spiritual magazine, an article spoke to me, I listened and it drew me in. Knowing that I was well on my path, the article mentioned a Holotropic Breathwork week-end orchestrated by a PhD professor from Portland State University.  As my birthday drew near, I decided what a better birthday gift to myself so I signed up.


Essentially it was a day and a half spiritual class, with a Friday night introduction, then more instructions Saturday followed by the Holotropic Breathwork itself. There were nearly 50 participants, and we paired off in twos: one as a spotter for the person that was doing the breathwork and Breathwork participant, which started by laying on their back to initiate oxygenating themselves.  This was performed by raising their arms from over their head from their sides than back to their sides continuously while pumping deep breathes of air into their lungs.  This fast, repetitive motion and deep breath work for done for nearly an hour. The spotter was there just to make sure that you were well and more so for the second hour when you started on your vision quest.  Insuring that our hyper oxygenated body didn't start running off or do something that might harm themselve or others.


So I chose to be the spotter first to see what I was in for.  Yes, a little cautious.  During my spotting, my person and most participates were in their controlled space and enjoying those own trip, I mean vision!  But ten feet away, one gentleman in his height of his quest stated acting out as a chicken, clucking, pecking and all the contortions thereof.  Unbeknownst to him, most participants laid down on their back without much sounds or gestures.  But a few performed some very abnormal physical gyrations, which for me simply provided great entertainment.  


Prior to each Breathwork session, Ukiah Marcusthe leader of the event and a PhD professor from PSU, came around to everybody individually to address any personal questions or concerns one might have.  With no concerns, other than the notion that I could transform into a farm animal. a PIG  came to mind!  An inside joke that real close friend and family know...   Kidding a side, I was ready for my heighten awareness breathing and to this day I recall Dr. Marcus parting words to me and others "that Native Americans, prior to their vision quests, would say 'It's a Good Day to Die'...", a re-birthing here on Earth.


So I laid down and oxygenated myself for nearly an hour, and my vision commenced for next hour, which seemed much, much longer than that.   It began with the four elements Earth, Fire, Water and Air all cleansing each one of my seven major chakras.  First the Earth, than the roars of fire, than warm purifying water and followed by the great winds of air.  And if that wasn't enough cleansing, four Angels grabbed a translucent sheet and scanned my entire body from head to toe. I get emotional just thinking about it.


Then my vision proceeded from there into where I was a naked adult in a fetal position immersed in water with bubbles rising all around me. Per se, a womb... just floating, enjoying the pristine water while being mesmerized in the moment.


Then the fun begun as I popped out as a dolphin flying over and following a herd of fast galloping buffaloes roaming the Midwest American plains.  It was was pure bliss, love and joy soaring and swooping for a great period of time!  (In short, a re-birthing).


When my frolicking ended, facial visions of deceased family members and friends came up to me from the other side. My dad's face appeared to me smiling and cheering me on, followed by my grandfather, my best friend's mom, others and even my childhood favorite dog, Moko!  Even though I didn't distinctly hear their voices, there was a genuine joy and amazement in their faces followed by various forms of encouragement that felt like "congratulation, nicely done, much joy and love... and your on your way...!"


Needless to say it was awesome experience, one I wanted to share with you and would like our meditation group to participate in another session some day.  I Googled it here of late to see if there was one that might be offered here again in Portland, but I didn't find any at this time.  I did find some in Seattle so a possible future road trip!


So thanks for inspiring me to finally put my experience down on paper, which I will consider my gift to You!  Along with this these words, I'm sending you much love and light, and immense encouragement.  And keep in mind that you're surrounded by healing angels, those in the highest of dimensions, guiding your healing and journey in soon becoming cancer-free! 


Shine bright my friend, here's to YOU and Ron.


Much Love and Light,



Alison Sample | Aug 7, 2018
Dear Jeniece and Ron, you are both in my thoughts and prayers constantly. It is so hard to know what to say, but I support your choices and the reasons for those choices. I hope all goes well in Mexico. Thank you for posting on caring bridge to keep us informed. Sending you both much love. Alison and Peter