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Oct 25-31

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- [ ] Hello everyone. This is Jeff with an update on my GBM journey. Last month after the latest MRI scan, we began to suspect we were running out of viable treatment options. After this months’ MRI and consult with the Radiologist and NuroOncologist, we all agree that we have exhausted all reasonable “curative” options, and since side effects are becoming more and more complicated to resolve , it was time to reconsider my treatment strategy. After discussing it with family and friends and reviewing the medical data out there, I’ve decided to focus all my efforts on comfort issues instead of “curative”options. The biggest obvious change is I’ve discontinued new chemo drugs and visits from the The Visiting Nurses Association and replaced them with a more aggressive partnership with the Kansas City Palliative and Hospice Care-Nursing team for regular health checks and mobility assistance. They are a wonderful team that has already shown great compassion and knowledge. One outcome i am working on is an early December social event to meet and welcome everyone to the new year It is especially important to me since my original diagnosis suggested the median life expectancy for a GBM patient was about 14 months, making it unlikely i would be here for another Christmas. So as they say in Vegas. Im playing with house money so “LetsRoll.”


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