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June 08, 2021

Did well and made notes on round 2 which went well. Started round 3 yesterday with the backpack again! Had an intrathecal injection and laid flat right away and this time no headaches!! We are learning so much! We spent the whole day in Madison with all appts and 2 hrs waiting for the chemo to arrive. Jeff was in good spirits and eating well. Bri made another food delivery to our car so we had a great supper too!! Prednisone is working on Jeff!! Real chatty and wired! We got this!  Thank you all for phone calls and prayers! Let pray round 3 goes well!!

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  • Tim Keenan : So happy for the progress being made. God's blessing to you all.
  • L H : Again very happy to hear that all the results are in the right direction. I can't imagine going thru all that you all are, but stay positive, that's who you are. I will keep with all the others and keep praying. Love always, Lynette
  • kay braun : Good news. Thinking of all of you as you go thru this challenge together. Big circle of friends supporting all of you. Prayers and hugs. k