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Journal entry by Carolyn Houseknecht

We've been fortunate thus far that the medical treatments Jeff has needed has been processed through insurance without issue until today--apparently, Aetna has felt that the white-blood cell shot that will keep him alive longer is not necessary.  We will have to go through and appeal the declination so that he can continue to get the shots that allow his body to fight off infection.  It's hard to understand a system that would fight a white-blood cell shot for a man with terminal cancer whose white cells have dropped off a cliff since chemo, yet here we are.

There is a lot of argument about our health system and whether healthcare is a fundamental right--as someone who has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of the health insurance world over the past 10 years, we can (and need to) do better.  My husband's life does not correspond to a monetary value.  He is a person who is loved, who brings joy to those around him, who is a husband and a father.  His life has value in and above a dollar amount on a ledger.

We're going to appeal and we're going to fight the decision, but it's a shame that this is now added to the list of tasks for our family when we should be focusing on quality of life.  

Tomorrow night is Jeff's next scan where they will take images to compare his cancer's foot print now to where it was pre-treatment in March and will hear the news from oncology on Tuesday.   Zach has his first modified baseball game on Saturday to distract us with good news and we hope to plant some vegetables in the garden.  We're going to focus on life and spring and improving weather until we need to do otherwise!

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