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Journal entry by Stephanie Almeida

Jeff has been experiencing some big steps lately.   3 days ago, he met with a speech therapist who performed a swallow test.  Jeff passed and was able to have a few ice chips.  Around 5 per half hour.  It was the highlight of his day!  After two days of ice chips, he was allowed to try popsicles yesterday.  He progressed so well with those that he was given broth and jello!  He was elated!  The downside to this (albeit smallish) is that they are still figuring out his blood sugar situation.  We haven’t really been told what will happen to him medically from a permanent standpoint as far as possibly becoming a diabetic is - but right now since his kidney functions are still “sleeping” and his pancreas is pretty much also sleeping, he’s being given insulin and has been treated like a diabetic.  Again, it remains to be seen what the future holds there for us.  

Other news: he sat up in a chair twice now!  It’s so neat to be in the room with him when this happens.  The other night Em and I stopped by and he was in the chair.  We all sat in chairs and held hands as a family.  It sounds a bit cheesy, but it was such a sense of normalcy in a world of tubes and wires.  It felt lovely.  Jeff’s mom Chris has been staying with Jeff in the morning and throughout the day.  It’s been a huge saving grace for me - allowing me to go back to work.  

Im sure there are a ton of other big steps and baby steps I’m forgetting, but I’m back to work full time, visiting Jeff after work and taking care of the house and dinners and the teens activities in my spare time.  

Um.  “Spare time”.  :). So I have to run.  Thank you all for your support.  And again, if I don’t reply to messages it’s not that I don’t care or don’t want to - it’s just that they haven’t perfected cloning yet.  

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