Mary Beth Miller|Nov 6, 2019
How is Jeannie? I am hoping not in too much pain..
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Joe Miller|Sep 29, 2019

You have been amazing this whole ordeal in your life! I don't know where you find all that inner strength. But I know none of this has been easy to do. And I know more difficult times are ahead. Be assured of continued prayers on your behalf! You will be on all of our minds in the coming weeks. I hope that radiation treatments prove helpful and that whatever pain who must be feeling is manageable. Have Laura keep us informed on your continued journey to the extent you want to share it. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.


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Mary Beth Miller|Sep 26, 2019

Thanks for letting us know about Jeannie. She has been in my thoughts a lot lately. Sending positive wishes her way .
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