Honor JD

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“In honor of JD Aylward”


“In honor of JD Aylward”

— Lisa T.

“In honor of JD Aylward's brilliant attitude during his road to recovery. He is a true inspiration to all of us.”

— Dana Manciagli

“In honor of JD Aylward and my friend, Jim Aylward, JD's grandfather.”

— Joanne Martin

“For JD - the friendship you clearly have given so many is happily being reflected back to you! Their support and your hard work will heal you soon!”

— Kirsten Crawford (friend of Katy Jo)

“In honor of JD Aylward. I know you'll FIGHT hard, I know you'll get beyond thoughts and hope are with you and your mom.”

— Lee Hagen

“In honor of JD Aylward”

— Terry Sortino (Chips Away)

“In honor of JD Aylward - get well JD! We're routing for you! xo, L-”

— Anonymous

“In honor of JD Aylward”

— Dick and Marilyn Allen

“In honor of JD Aylward and his mom Colleen. My prayers are with you both!”

— Lora Reed Ford