Honor JD

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Gifted by LYN SMITH

“In honor of JD Aylward”
Lisa T.

Gifted by Lisa T.

“In honor of JD Aylward”
Dana Manciagli

Gifted by Dana Manciagli

“In honor of JD Aylward's brilliant attitude during his road to recovery. He is a true inspiration to all of us.”
Joanne Martin

Gifted by Joanne Martin

“In honor of JD Aylward and my friend, Jim Aylward, JD's grandfather.”

Gifted by Kirsten Crawford (friend of Katy Jo)

“For JD - the friendship you clearly have given so many is happily being reflected back to you! Their support and your hard work will heal you soon!”
Lee Hagen

Gifted by Lee Hagen

“In honor of JD Aylward. I know you'll FIGHT hard, I know you'll get beyond thoughts and hope are with you and your mom.”
Terry Sortino (Chips Away)

Gifted by Terry Sortino (Chips Away)

“In honor of JD Aylward”

Gifted by anonymous

“In honor of JD Aylward - get well JD! We're routing for you! xo, L-”

Gifted by Dick and Marilyn Allen

“In honor of JD Aylward”

Gifted by Lora Reed Ford

“In honor of JD Aylward and his mom Colleen. My prayers are with you both!”