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Site created on June 18, 2018

Thank you for checking in and following along Jay's story. A story we are praying is completely overtaken by God's plan for a miracle. As you may know, our family's world was recently flipped upside down when we received the devastating news that Jay (my dad) has brain cancer. Despite a few seemingly small symptoms (dropping keys with his left hand, head aches...etc.), everything seemed entirely normal until April 12, 2018. On that day, as he was preparing to go to a doctor appointment for said symptoms, my dad found himself waking up on his couch, confused as to how he got there and coming out of what we later learned was a grand mal seizure.

In the matter of hours after this event, we were told that the seizures were caused by 6 masses in his brain.
Total. Shock.
From this point on, it felt like the news went from bad to worse. After further testing, we were told that my dad has Glioblastoma Multiforme 4, which is essentially stage 4, aggressive brain cancer. We were also informed that because of the odd locations and spread out nature of the masses (one large mass on the right side, medium mass on the left and 4 small masses also on the left), his cancer is inoperable. They encouraged chemo and radiation treatment begin immediately. 

After 15 days of hitting him hard (the entire brain) with radiation and taking chemo, my dad had a 30 day break from treatment. I should mention that, all along, he has been impressing the doctors with his lack of side effects. We are so thankful for this. However, he did lose hair and a good deal of his energy. But not all of it! He is optimistic every day, saying his energy is on the up. During the time he was not receiving treatment, he was able to fully embrace God's natural medicines through essential oils, whole foods and other supplements. We wanted to do our best to replenish what had been torn down through treatment. We are so proud of him. He is always up for visiting with people he loves and he's been getting quite active, working on projects around the property, some days even up to seven hours at a time. He is also doing a good job of taking it easy and enjoying life.

30 days after treatment (June 15th), my dad had an MRI to scan the brain in order to see what effects the treatment had on the masses. 

Please check the update for the results we received today and for further updates from now on.
We are ultimately contending for a full out miracle. We know that Jesus is more than capable! Please join us in having FAITH to see the impossible. Ultimately, a miracle is what my dad needs and we need your prayers for this! As Jesus taught us to pray, we are asking the Father for His Kingdom to come and for His will to be done on earth (in Jay's body) as it is in Heaven.

Newest Update

Journal entry by RHONDA RAU

Good Shepherd Community Church, Boring,OR
January 11th, 
1:30 pm

Celebration of life dinner to follow.
Everyone invited!
Serving Buster's, pulled pork and brisket.

Those who would like to bring a dessert or side dish are welcome to.

Video recording to start 1:15, prior to service. Please feel free to say something about Jay. This will be a great memory for the family.
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