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Jayme's Journey...

Jayme recieved her Bone Marrow Transplant on 6/29/09, she is recovering and doing well, please pray that she stays virus and infection free during her recovery phase!

Hello friends and family, Thanks for checking on Jayme! We hope this will help all of you understand what is going on with Jayme and how she is doing. Jayme was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder shortly after birth called Diamond Blackfan Anemia, she also has thrombocytopenia. What this means is that her bone marrow does not produce red blood cells or platelets on its own. During her first 6 months of life Jayme recieved blood and platelet transfusions, after starting prednisone at 6 months of age she was able to produce red blood cells at a normal range but has always struggled with keeping her platelet counts in a safe range. Jayme has always had a fighting spirit about her that will not give up. She has been through a lot of test, blood draws, and doctors appointments for a 7 year old. Recently she has been having trouble keeping her red blood cell counts up as well as her platelets even with an increase in her prednisone. Our next option seems to be a bone marrow transplant. Her doctors are hoping that she will be able to make it until spring before we begin that journey. Our family is going to need a lot of support and prayers during this time. We are trying to be positive and look at it as her "miracle". Please pray that she will improve soon, if not that everything will be successfull with the transplant. Please pray for her other 3 sisters as well, as this will be a trying time on the entire family. Thank you and may God bless all of you.

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