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Journal entry by Jan Frank

Well, it’s been a month since surgery.
  Some days, I feel like it has only been a week! Progress is still slow but, the debilitating weakness I experienced post- op has improved. Still napping during the day though not quite as frequently. You know, I have always enjoyed the occasional Sunday afternoon nap.....so that is easy. For now, I get to do that whenever I want! 👍🏻😋 The brain fog remains... At least now, I have an excuse for my “mindless moments”. 🤣🤣🤣

   Physically, I have graduated to using a cane. I’m using it mostly for those unexpected moments of unsteadiness I continue to experience. I am getting a little better at being mindful what my body is telling me I can and cannot do. But, confess I have tested my limits more than a few times and have paid a price later.... usually the next day. The old adage about nurses and doctors being the worst patients, is way too true, in my case. Sometimes, I feel like I’ll go bat crazy for feeling “normal” so push the envelope by cheating and doing something I shouldn’t. Simply, because I think I can.
I’m not supposed to bend over, at all. Did you knows the average person bends over 2-4000 times a day!! I even looked it up. It is a hard activity to restrict, especially if it doesn’t hurt immediately afterwards. I’m also not supposed to lift anything of significance ....Gallon of milk is the limit I’m allowed.  Bob and the girls have been great when I ask them to assist me- But, sometimes it’s just “easier” to do it myself. Everytime, I’ve paid the price.


  I promised when I started this, I would be forthright in sharing my journey. It has been as much a confrontation of faith as much as a physical challenge. As you can imagine, I have had a lot of time to reflect on this experience. How many 62 yr olds with multiple co-morbidities go through brain surgery? It is still a daunting thought to me, even now! The lessons for me here are iterated throughout the Bible. I am once again, reminded that through the difficult times in my life, I have been blessed with the opportunity to grow .... patience, self discipline, humility, gratitude, faith, family, community and love...just to name a few!😝😂

I am also reminded I have a lot of homework still, to do! 🥴📖🔍✏️


With gratitude for all of your love, support and continuing prayers,


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